Hi Louis and Abigail,

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the great crowd teams you put together for Wolf Hall .  A nice range of young and old voices fulfilling the brief to keep the scenes fresh and not “oldy worldy” at all!
Peter Kosminsky (the director) was particularly impressed with the market scene in Ep4. All the very best ,
Kallis Shamaris
Adr Supervisor , Dialogue & Adr editor

What you did on War and Peace was amazing as well as all the other shows we have done together.  I cannot stress again how professional both you and Louis are and the level of the crowds are always of the highest standard.
Bejhan Kalantar
Post Production Supervisot ‘War and Peace’

Congratulations, Louis Elman, and thank you for everything you do for the show.  A huge part of us winning that Emmy.
Tim Kimmel
Supervising Sound Editor ‘Game of Thrones’

Louis, I was waiting until I get home to put up a more in depth post, but let me just say that without the exceptional talent of all the group actors and the work you and Abigail put in I would not be able to deliver for the show such great quality material. The recordings we provide are heavily featured in the show and this year’s winning episode ‘Hardhome’ is no exception, no doubt you will remember the work we did for that 40 minute battle scene.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Tim Hands
Dialogue Editor ‘Game of Thrones’

Louis my friend
I feel it is important to give credit where it is due. I have just won my third EMMY and it is important to me that you and Abigail and indeed your lovely cast know how much I appreciate your work on GoT. I couldn’t do it without you
You are all very much in my thoughts
Season 6 awaits
Tim Hands
Dialogue Editor ‘Game of Thrones’

Louis, I must agree with Tim Hands here. Your work on Hardhome, and the rest of this season was exceptional. Thank you for the continuing high quality work you provide the show. None of this would be possible without you and the rest of your team. Looking forward to another great season with you guys.
Tim Kimmel
Supervising Sound Editor ‘Game of Thrones’
It was a real pleasure having you and the ‘Elmanettes’ on this series of ‘Indian Summers’. I pointed out to David Moore (who is passing it on to Production), that what we achieved in the time allotted, could simply not have been done by any other group. Total professionalism and a great work ethic from all who attended the sessions. Please thank Abigail and all the lovely Actors that came in over the series. I trust they had as much fun as we did. Hopefully, more of the same in the next series.
Simon Price

Supervising Sound Editor ‘Indian Summers’

Hi Louis and Abigail

Group work on ‘Bill’ much admired. Richard (director) loving it as well as Rob Farr who is doing the mix.  Please pass on to my cast.

Tim Hands

ADR Supervisor ‘Bill’


Hi Louis,

I hope everything is well with you! I just want to tell you that we had a huge success with Bamse in the Swedish Cinemas. Great reviews and boxoffice. See attached poster for the film.

We actually opened with the highest amount of Admissions for a childrens animated feature in Sweden. Always nice to be part of history here

So if I haven’t thanked you and your team enough – I’ll gladly do it again. Thanks! You did a great job and it was really easy to turn it back to Swedish in our dubbed version.

All the Swedish Actors were really impressed with the original Voice Actors.

Christian Ryltenius

Producer ‘Bamse’ Slugger Film

Dear Louis and Abigail

I wanted to write and say a big thank you for all of your organisation and for once again putting another wonderful Crowd together for me.

Please send out a huge thank you to all my band of Merry Pirates and Ladies of Leisure! I had great fun working with them all and it never ceases to amaze me the huge pool of talent that I have in the theatre on each episode. They were all totally professional, enthusiastic and great fun to work with.

The voyage will continue next year for season 3. I am not sure if I will be Captain of the ship, but whoever takes over will have a great adventure!

Once again – a huge thank you to everyone!

Stefan Henrix

ADR Supervisor ‘Black Sails – Season 2′

Hi Louis and Abigail,

Just wanted to let you know, we are mixing the crowd at the moment on “Labyrinth” and both the mixer and effects editor think the crowd is fantastic.

Best, Paul Conway

ADR Supervisor


Film Labyrinth

Thanks Louis, all seemed to go brilliantly yesterday as ever, you guys are the best.

All the best,

Pete Oldman

Post Supervisor


Film Skins

Thank you Louis, you put together a great team each one had a lot to give. We got a lot of good material that I think will feature quite strongly in the final film.

It’s great when you can use the crowd artists creatively, where they can take on characters and have specific roles,

Please thanks the team and I hope to work with them all again

kind regards,

Tim Barker


Film Austenland

Hi Abigail,

I just wanted to thank you and Louis for putting together such a wonderful group for us on Private Peaceful. Pat O’Connor (Director) was very pleased with everyone as well.

I look forward to working with you again.

Best regards,

Tony Currie

Supervising Sound Editor

Private Peaceful

Film Private Peaceful

You have done a great job as usual and the quality of the loop groups were fantastic. I will of course always recommend you to everybody and I know Tony, Lynda etc will do likewise.”

Chris Thompson


Titanic (TV)

Titanic TV

I just had the chance to listen to the english dub you made – and I am extremely impressed! To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first, because I myself always prefer to watch original versions of the films that get released here – most of the time the dubbing really takes away a lot from the film. But the dub you made is so well done and so nicely cast, that I really think it is very true to the original and I am totally happy with it!

Thanks for the amazing work, hope to see you soon,

Christian Ditter



Dear Louis,

We’re just about finishing reel 3 – the voices are really fantastic. Very funny. Very sympathetic. Congratulations – great work !

Reinhard Klooss


Animals United

Hi Abi,

Just wanted to say a big thank you. Great work. the Italians, Japanese and Arabic groups.

Best wishes,

Paul Conway

ADR Editor

Treasure Guards

Let me say that director Vincent Lannoo and I were delighted with the cast you picked for the ADR group we recorded. The work was topnotch, and everything went as well as could be hoped.

Many thanks.

John Engel


The Tamed Ones

Hi Louis,

I saw “Bright Star” (the Jane Campion-directed movie about John Keats and Fanny Brawne) and I saw your screen credit in the end crawl. Good job, sir!

Bob Kizer

Master and Commander

I’m cutting your stuff now. It’s terrific!

Howell Gibbens

The Wolfman

Hi Abigail and Louis,

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for yesterday’s session. We were really impressed with the quality and performance of the chosen talent, especially considering the short lead time you had to organise everything.

I’ve not had to do so much ADR work before but will be keeping your details and passing them around to all my colleages here at Saatchi.

Many thanks

Rebecca Williams

TV Producer

Saatchi and Saatchi

Hi Louis,

Once again your group came through for me! Twas all gold mate, just what I needed. Sorry you didn’t get more time on the stage but we got what we needed.

Looking forward to catching up with you possibly in August.

Best wishes,

Jason Canovas

Hi Louis,

Here we are on the stage — singing your praises for all the good work you did on the stage with your happy posse of loop groupers.

Jeanney Kim

Producer of Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace

A big thank you from me and Fade to Black. What a great crowd !!! It’s really lent some animation and authentic Italian flavour to the film. Say thanks to all the guys/ ladies for me.

Andy Shelley

Fade To Black

“Das Boot is the best lipsync dubbing job we’ve encountered.”

Kay Gardella

New York Daily News

“Das Boot should have been nominated for an Oscar for its English lipsync dubbing…”

Dan Glaister

The Guardian

Dearest Louis the Great!!! Thank you for your magician-like way of solving our very big looping problem… you really are the very very best. I am so pleased to have you as an ally in this uncertain business. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

Yana Collins Lehman

Vanity Fair

Thank you so much Louis for you and your team’s contribution. Wow! Eleven Oscars, this will be hard to top.

Rose Dority

Lord Of The Rings

Congratulations to you and your team of players. I have heard that a lot of ADR editors and Supervising Sound Editors here in Los Angeles are in awe with the quality of the walla group on “M&C.” And I have been assured that these people are not just blowing smoke.

Bob Kizer

Master and Commander

I have passed on your congratulations to Peter. I know it will mean a great deal to him. We even won for Sound which you should take great satisfaction in! It was such a pleasure working with you and your team.

Andy Weltman

Peter Weir’s Assistant on Master and Commander