English Versions Produced for TV:

Captain Zeppos – BBC TV

Belle and Sebastian – BBC TV

Belle and Sebastian and the Horses – BBC TV

Little Nezha Fights Dragon Kings – BBC TV

Heidi – BBC TV

Silas – BBC TV

Little Mermaid – BBC TV

Octipus – Channel 4

Flashing Blade – ITV

The White Horses – BBC TV (Title Song voted No.1 TV theme of all time ) Co Produced by Louis Elman

THE White Horses

Life and Times of Lord Mountbatten – German version for Rediffusion/NDR, Germany

Starfleet X Bomber for – ITV

Star Fleet


English Versions Produced for World Cinema:

Incompreso  (Misunderstood) – M Luigi Comencini

“Z ” Costa-Gavras ’69 Cannes winner of the  Palm  Dor

Drunken Master – Jackie Chan

Playtime  in  70 mm – Jacques  Tatti

Lemon Popsicle – Boaz Davidson

And the Ship Sails On – Federico  Fellini

Das  Boot” The Boat – Wolfgang Peterson (Int. Emmy Award Winner) – Columbia

Das Boot

Stalingrad – Niue Constatine Munich

Roselyn and the Lions – Jean-Jacques  Beineix

Vicky  the Viking – Neue  Constantine  Munich / Timeless Film

Vicky  And the Treasure of the Gods – Neue  Constantine  Munich / Timeless Film

High School Musical. Argentinian – Disney

High School Musical. Mexican – Disney

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