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The next workshop is on SUNDAY 5th August 2018.  Discount of £50 for you and a friend if you come together.  Call 01580 243 108 to book your place now!

‘I thought the course was GREAT! Exactly what every wannabe ADR artist needs.’  Will 

A one day workshop held at Halo Post Studios, one of the leading post production houses and sound studios in Soho, London, which takes both student and professional actors through the techniques required to excel in this specialist but lucrative area of acting (Equity minimums for this work range from £240.50 to £465 for a four hour session.) 

‘Hands down one of the most useful and professionally presented courses for actors.’ Alex

The course covers skills such as microphone and improvising techniques, spotting, learning technical terms and preparation for a wallah session.  Participants will be up at the mic within half an hour of arrival as the workshop is very much a practical one!

‘It was incredible to be able to apply the things we were learning repeatedly throughout the day.’ Kristin

Actors whose first language is not English are welcome as there is often a need for foreign languages in an ADR session, as are regional accents.  Follow up courses will focus on lip synching, revoicing and dubbing.

‘WOW! What can I say? What a truly fantastic day I have had, meeting and working with you all!’ Stacey

You will learn from the award winning ADR director Louis Elman, and the highly experienced actor, loop group actor and motivational speaker David John with technical advice from top ADR mixer Nick Kray.

‘A ginormous thank you to Louis, David and Nick for delivering such an extraordinary inspirational course. I enjoyed the day so much it was truly exhilarating and far exceeded my expectations in every way.’ Julia

Many actors who have attended the workshops have subsequently worked regularly in ADR.

‘Sorry to email you straight after my session but I wanted to thank you for booking me – I had such a great time and loved every minute of it! And I felt totally comfortable getting up there due to learning everything from the course!’  Dominic


Numbers are limited in order for you to receive individual guidance and attention.

‘One of the best courses I’ve been on during my acting career. Excellent value considering the facilities and tutors.’   Alexandra
Fee for the workshop is £250 which includes refreshments throughout the day (lunch not included). There is a £50 discount for you and a friend if you come together.  Your place will be confirmed once the fee is paid.

Best course I’ve done since drama school in terms of stucture/volume of content covered/expertise of teachers.’ Julia S


For more details contact the course administrator
Abigail Barbier on 01580 243 108 or

Follow us on Twitter: @ADRAcademy

Facebook: Louis Elman Academy

86 thoughts on “Academy

  1. It was such a fantastic course with the perfect balance of information and practice, fear and fun. The guys were superb and you really felt like you were getting your money’s worth.

  2. A ginormous thank you to Louis, David and Nick for delivering such an extraordinarily inspirational course. I enjoyed the day so much it was truly exhilarating and far exceeded my expectations in every way.

  3. The workshop gave incredibly useful information – most importantly, the practical dos and don’ts of ADR work, the technical practices needed vocally, as well as contextualising it so we understand the purpose of the work in the greater world of post-production.

  4. The course was really informative and I now feel as if I could do a session and know exactly what to do

  5. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. It really was very well prepared and presented, but also a lot of fun to participate in!

  6. I have done some ADR but really felt thrown in the deep end when I did that, so it was fantastic to find my feet on Saturday.
    David is a master teacher!!! INCREDIBLE!! Thank you so much for your kindness and patience and also for constant positivity and encouragement. Nick was a magician and made us all feel capable and competent. I loved how he explained it all, especially the science of it and found him to be very fascinating with the amount of work that he has completed.

  7. Thank you so much for an amazing session. Great teachers who made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I have done voice over courses that cost me a lot and they were just ok, but this course was probably one of the best courses I have ever done.

  8. Thank you for organising the day at De Lane Lea yesterday. I had a really enjoyable and productive time. I certainly learned a lot and appreciated being able to put it immediately into practice. David, Nick and Kevin all offered practical and helpful advice and guidance.

  9. I just wanted to get in touch to say what a wonderful time I had yesterday at the studio for the ADR workshop. Everyone was lovely, and so positive and encouraging. I found it really beneficial, and know it is something I would definitely like to pursue.

  10. I was initially sceptical about how much I would learn from the course, having been involved with ADR for a few years now, but I was delighted to be proven wrong. The technical information provided by Nick and thorough explanations given by David made everything I’ve done in the past suddenly make much more sense and I now feel far more equipped to do ADR sessions in future. Thank you once again for a great day; it was certainly money well spent!

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and found that the course gave lots of useful information.
    By the end of the day, I felt that we had a good basic grounding in what might be required from us during an ADR session. The day was paced very well, and we got through a lot.

  12. What a great day! Louis, Dave, Nick and Oscar created a great atmosphere which allowed us to explore and fail, but at the same time wasn’t too ‘soft’ which would have been counter-productive. Many thanks to everyone!

  13. An excellent course, pitched just perfectly and really helpful to get input from Dave, Louis and Nick. Thank you!!!

  14. I thought it was fascinating, I really enjoyed learning these techniques, very glad I did the course, thank you!

  15. Thank you for a beautifully thought out, organised and presented ADR course day last Saturday. The ADR course gave me a stack of hugely useful information, a great deal of it new to me which was invigorating and exciting. My sincerest thanks to you all for the time, trouble, thought and expertise which made it an invaluable day.

  16. A fascinating and comprehensive introduction to the demanding and technical world of ADR. Exactly what you wish you’d been told before being thrown in the deep end! Thanks so much for organising this Abigail – it’s a great course. Really helpful.

  17. What a brilliant day! So well organized, so informative and I will be recommending it to fellow actors and actresses.

  18. I found the ADR course extremely informative and felt it gave me the tools to go into an ADR session with total confidence. I really enjoyed it and felt that all of you created a very comfortable learning environment. It was great. Thank you!

  19. It was fantastic, I had a great time. The course prepared me technically as well as for the atmosphere and speed of the session – readiness to volunteer and improvise essential!

    Hope to do more sessions with you guys very soon.

  20. Both Louis and Dave were great teachers – Dave’s energy and enthusiasm in particular was highly infectious! I also thought Nick and Oscar were fantastic in explaining the technical points and editing together all our work!

  21. Everyone on the team made the day go seamlessly, and this is what I really like… after a quarter of a century as a broadcaster… I Learned New Stuff! Truly! It was a joyous day!

  22. I really enjoyed the ADR day. It was a great group of people and I enjoyed working with everyone – the technical team especially. Everything was well explained and the practical exercises gave us plenty to practice with.

  23. The course was packed with useful information, from technical details and tips to the protocol of an ADR session.
    Afterwards,I felt that I knew how to prepare for a session, how to offer my particular skills and how to conduct myself professionally.
    I really appreciated the range of scenarios and techniques that we worked on, and there was as much to be learned from observing the other course-participants as having a go oneself.

  24. I did feel the course had equipped me well enough to do my first ADR job shortly afterwards! I find it fascinating.

  25. It was a very handy day indeed! It was a pleasure meeting you all. It definitely was good to see how the sessions worked and what was required.

  26. I had a GREAT time! It was such a fantastic day. Paddy and I have been raving about it ever since. This course has made me SO excited to do more ADR! I love that I can combine my actual acting talent with all my vocal skills and improvisation skills. Given the high level of this course I would be up for attending others.

  27. Thank you all so much for your time and expertise on Saturday: such a great day and a fantastic introduction to ADR. I actually think it should be made compulsory for anyone considering ADR work!

  28. I really did enjoy the course last Saturday – it was a total revelation as to how sound works in feature films, really great to acquire a new set of skills, and I learnt a lot. Don’t think I will ever watch films in the same way again.

    It was great to get an opportunity to be able to do each exercise until you got it right as well as getting the opportunity to play/improvise and each exercise got easier. It was all about getting used to a completely different way of working with the acting skills that you have.

  29. Thank you so much for that. Such a pleasure to be in the studio today – felt like coming home. Lovely group of people too.
    Did make me think about the workshop with Louis and Dave, and how I don’t think I would have felt as confident without it.

  30. Absolutely brilliant information. I learnt so much about the industry and the craft of ADR. Probably as much as a whole year’s worth of information at drama school! Everyone on the team were very kind and professional and fun. They explained everything brilliantly.

  31. I really enjoyed the course and I have learnt a lot. I have found ADR work fascinating and hope to do more ADR work in the future. Abigail, Loui, Dave, Nic and James, you were excellent and very helpful. Thank you all very much.

  32. I thought the course gave lots of useful information – it was an area of the industry I really knew very little about and this really opened my eyes to something new I could do. I feel confident that I now know what would be expected of me in the studio.

  33. Thank you again for Saturday. It was not only very informative and great fun but also such a pleasure to work with Abigail, Dave and Louis and a really lovely mix of fellow “students”.

  34. I just wanted to personally thank you for organising Saturday and to say what a fantastic and great day I had on the ADR course.
    It was great working with Nick, David and Louis and I learnt a tremendous amount, working with the best in the industry ;-0
    The day course was well balanced and the team were really approachable, knowledgeable and realistic. Would highly recommend it.

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